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Shuttle Service is available upon request!



Shuttle Price Sheet:

Lodge to North Belle                                                   $80


Lodge to Johnson Shut In/Scour Pavilion                    $70

Lodge to Hwy A trail head                                          $60

Lodge to Suttons Bluff                                                $60

Lodge to DD  @ 32:                                                    $90

Lodge to Trail Head on J Hwy                                     $25

Lodge To Council Bluffs                                              $95

North Belle Mtn. to Hwy A Trailhead                            $70

DD  to Johnson Shut In/ Hwy N                                  $90

Barton Finn to North Belle Mtn.                                $100

Barton Finn to Johnson Shut in/Hwy N                    $100

$5.00 per day Parking Fee @ Brushy Creek Lodge

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