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Trail Etiquette

Right of Way:


* If you meet horseback rider(s), pull over and shut your vehicle off until they are well past you/your group. Remove your helmet and speak in a quiet, calm voice so the animals know it’s just a person under all the riding gear.

* If you cross paths with non-motorized outdoor enthusiasts like hikers or cyclists try to safely pull over on the side of the trail and let them pass.

* When you come face-to-face with another ATV rider, slow down to safely pass one another respectfully.


Don’t leave any trash behind:

* Does this even need to be said? Just in case it does: bring a bag with you to bring your garbage and recyclables back home when you’re done riding.

*And to show the trail a little extra respect, you could even take a moment to pick up any stray garbage you come across.

* No one wants to spend time in woods that are littered with bottles and wrappers.

Use designated trails:

* Rules and laws around riding ATVs vary from region to region, so before you get out on the trails, check where and when you’re allowed to ride.

* There are lots of trails designated for ATV use, many of which are free to use, and others that charge admission

* When leaving Brushy Creek, use the Orange Trail. Drive slowly going up to the top, as this trail is shared with horseback riders.

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